Hockey : Bio

Number 17
Georges Laraque, Right Winger

Drafted by Edmonton in 1995 (2/31). Acquired in a trade with Phoenix in 2007. Laraque is one of the most feared players in the NHL if you happen to be a player in the opposing jersey, yet considered one of the most gregarious 'nice' guys off the ice. Georges is a true professional adhering to the ethical dimension of being the caretaker on the Canadiens team, ensuring that his teammates are well protected. Considered the true heavyweight in the NHL, this is not a true reflection of his game. Georges is unstoppable on the rush, and in the corners, the puck is his to keep. His motto in the corners is "come and get it if you can." Offensively, Georges knows how to score, witness his hat trick against the LA Kings. Georges can set the tone and change the momentum of the game when his team needs him. He is focused on improving his game and trains hard. Off the ice, he loves to greet fans with his happy, go lucky nature.

Team : Canadiens de Montréal
Position: Right Winger
Number: 17
Height: 6'3
Weight: 260 lbs.
Age: 35
Born: Tuesday, December 7th, 1976
Place of Birth: Montreal, QC, Canada
Number of NHL Seasons: 12