As most of you are aware, I was known as an enforcer in the NHL. In other words, I was the fighter on my team. For different reasons and because fighting is allowed in hockey, I used my fists for a living. In professional sports, the job of hockey enforcer is considered the toughest one, both mentally and physically. I fought for 13 years in the NHL, 2 years in the American Hockey League and 3 years in junior hockey. So, I can pretty much say that I fought all my career. I can also tell you that during all my professional life as a hockey player, I never liked fighting. It was never a part of me, but that’s what I had to do in order to play and stay in the NHL and realize my childhood dream. From 1997 until 2010, I was involved in about 150 scuffles in the NHL and feel lucky I never got hurt, knocked out or suffered a concussion. I always fought with honour and always respected my opponent and often talked to him right after the fight to make sure he was fine. There is an unwritten rule of conduct between all enforcers in the NHL. Some don’t respect it, but they never earn the respect of their peers. I can honestly say I abided by that rule during my entire career.

For those of you who like fighting, check out the video below that I put together. You will find the majority of my NHL fights from 1997 until 2010 in chronological order.!