« I enjoy the times spent at the Boys & Girls Club and I want to thank Mr. Georges Laraque for showing up at our Club and giving us t-shirts and cool stuff. »
Lovllon (Age 9)
« Thank you for the hockey stick. I love playing on your team. Thank you for the t-shirt, I love it when it said "27". You are the best hockey player and I appreciate it. »
Keanna (Age 6)
« I was happy to win the hockey stick Georges used in the Penguins games. »
Tommy (Age 7)
« It was fun. I scored lots of goals. Georges was cool. »
Tishaye (Age 11)
« I very much appreciate your visit to the Boys & Girls Club. I enjoyed watching Georges Laraque play. You gave kids the opportunity to play a sport that taught them about teamwork.. »
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