Battle of the Blades

& Georges

In October 2010, I had the pleasure of participating in the second season of the program Battle of the Blades. This show is a Canadian figure skating reality show and competition that airs on CBC Television. The competition is between eight couples comprised of retired NHL players paired up with Olympic female figure skaters. The hockey players first needed to learn how to figure skate. Believe me, that took months. Then, along with their female figure skater, they learned a choreographed routine, and finally they got to perform in front of a large audience. Every week, one couple was eliminated until we were down to the winning pair. It was a lot of fun for me and I had the honour of having the greatest figure skaters in the world as coaches: David Pelletier and Jeffrey Buttle. I will never forget my fabulous partner, Anabelle Langlois. She was wonderful and really, really patient with me. That experience made me fall in love with this sport. Today, I still practice it and I am convinced that figure skating is much harder physically and mentally than hockey. I fought hundreds of times in the NHL and never required any stitches on my face. Well, during that show, I got my first 12-stitch gash. Below, you will see the three episodes of Battle of the Blades that I participated in and the accident resulting in the first ever scar on my face. Enjoy! Lol!

Georges Laraque Georges Laraque Georges Laraque Georges Laraque