Georges St-Pierre


Hi everyone,

In this video, you can see me and my good friend Georges St-Pierre in a little wrestling match. And as you can see, GSP is the best in the world for many reasons... I have a lot of respect for people fighting in MMA.

There are many reasons why I did this. First of all, I do like challenges, and it was fun to truly do something I have no experience in. To fight against a world champion was totally neat for me. See, many athletes don't like to show that, in some areas, they're vulnerable, but why? In this instance, what do I have to prove? At the end of the day, it was fun. We all had a good laugh and it proves that I can loose with a smile. Here's the real reason though why we did this...

For the kids, and here's the reason why. Playing hockey like many other sports is very expensive and I know that many families can't afford to have their kids participate. A lot of times, especially for young kids, if they're not active, they'll end up not living a healthy lifestyle, or they'll hang out on the street and get in trouble. This video shows truly that you can be as big as you want. For example, if you train in MMA, you can defend yourself against anyone, or even better, this can help improve your self-esteem. More importantly, it doesn't cost much. All you need is someone to teach it in a group setting. I'm amazed that kids have registered by the hundreds in this sport just because of our clip. So the plan we had in mind totally worked out. Soon, I will show you guys other videos of different training sessions with GSP using me as his dummy! lol!

Georges Laraque