PETA et Pamela Anderson

On July 15, Montreal got a very special
visit from Pamela...

Pamela Anderson was in town to launch her new PETA ad campaign. She was accompanied by its vice-president Dan Mathews. She was also here to host later that night the "Just for Laughs" Gala. I must say that both events were a success and the message conveyed by PETA opened up the eyes of a lot of people. If some of you find the ad sexist, well what about all the jeans or underwear ads we see around us showing women wearing bikinis? Or how about all the female animals inseminated artificially to create hundreds of thousands of animals that will be slaughtered, isn't that a worse kind of sexism?

Pamela does it to help my cause and strictly to increase people awareness. Before the gala,I had the pleasure to bring some delicious food from our restaurant (Crudessence) to the Hotel where Pamela and Dan Mathews were staying. I served them our popular Om Burger, cheese pizza, wraps, a variety of desserts and our homemade Kombucha. To my satisfaction, they loved everything. Pamela devoured the Om burger in less than a minute. I must say, she is a very nice woman, and we all have to admire her work for Peta.We warmly welcome Pamela Anderson and Dan Mathews as new Crudessence fans!